Friday, January 12, 2007

Poems Wanted:

The Love Report Ithaca solicits your poems.

For those who have love poems and want them published immediately goto Students Notes web site and fill out the interactive form there . Moreover, essays will soon be included also.

So impress your loving partner today, as well as asign the quality of your relationship in so doing so.

Pride has always been partnered with humility when it comes to LOVE. As validation comes from both the heart and the work needed to make it happen. A poem is just one little bit in an entire list of needed actions; for beneath each advocation each partner makes to the other is both fear of rejection, and anxieties of personal confidence and thus the true quality of work is understood-to overcome.

I wish you both continue success in the further personal discovery ahead of you in your relationship. May find the real flow of happiness, and the real huma strength of courage which loving relationshops promotes.


Mr. Roger M. Christian


The Ithaca Love Report.

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