Sunday, July 08, 2007

Publishing REOPENS LOVEACROSSBORDERS.COM TO PUBLICPoetry and Poets Get New Channel to Publish Work

Love Across Borders Publishing has reopened their web site to the general public. "Love Across Borders Community Publishing" is an online social networking poet community. Poetry book "Eons In A Moment - 2007" released. Forthcoming poetry book release.

LOVE ACROSS BORDERS PUBLISHING has reopened their web site to the general public. After a short hiatus, poets are now welcome to take part in community that emphases sharing of poetry. "Love Across Borders Community Publishing" is a collection of forums in which people can publish their poems in nodes for free.

News regarding the reopening of comes as Love Across Borders Publishing releases it's first major poetry book release of 2007, entitled: "Eons In A Moment - 2007" by Shaun Apple. This new book is a major step forward in the world of online poetry publishing. The book includes 39 poems of experimental, free-form, and contemporary poetry written over 10 years from 1996 - 2006. Critics have recently said regarding "Eons In A Moment - 2007": "Very impressive, simultaneously appealing to the eye, the ear, the mind, the heart...Photography and poems are arresting, especially when considered side by side...Phrasings really sparkle with playfulness and unconventional insight. A deep calm and happiness runs through...Love is ever-present (cannot be ignored), brought into sharper relief thanks to your fractured ways of seeing".

E-book is available for free by download from this link:

Next major book release slated for later this year is "The Thirteen Original Sins Jaded". "The Thirteen Original Sins Jaded" is a previously unreleased themed book consisting of 13 poems, plus one bonus poem, written during one day in 1998. According to the author, Shaun Apple, these poems are meant to give more insightful into the meaning(s) of life. Read more about "The

Thirteen Original Sins Jaded" at the following link:

With poetry forums on Love Across Borders Publishing alive once more, this looks like a sign that 2007 will be a very productive year for social networking in the world of online poetry and online poetry forums. Love Across Borders Publishing is wistful that poetry, can indeed, be a social experience for all.

About Love Across Borders PublishingLove Across Borders Publishing, a non-profit organization since 2003, which hosts forums of community publishing centered around poetry, is an online resource and community for writers; featuring the works of amateur and professional poets, tagging, and books. Love Across Borders Publishing empowers poets to publish, organize, and get recognition for their work. Sharing is encouraged.

For more information about Love Across Borders Publishing and to take part, please visit the web site at


If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Shaun Apple, editor of Love Across Borders Publishing, please call Betty Thompson at (+1) 503/343-5051 or e-mail Shaun at shaun (at) loveacrossborders (dot) com

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