Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finally he found love.

British man finds love on Internet after bedding over 1000 women.

Clive Worth from Wales, UK, who's news went out all over the world with Reuters after being band from a dating site for dating to many women, has finally found love...

Belgium, Kingdom of (Press Release) November 27, 2007 -- Clive Worth, has become well known all over the world for his online dating, Type his name into any search engine like Google, Yahoo, AOL or MSN and you will be able to read amore about him, Clive is addiction for women came about when he gave up his addiction for alcohol and started Internet dating, the switch over did Clive a world of good and in no time he started dating women by the hundreds, getting them all to travel to his Den in Wales from all over the world, with one women going out in the morning and another coming in afternoon but has now finally found love with 61 years old Angela England from Birmingham and Retired from Internet dating but has written a book about his conquests called, (A Serial Shaggers guide to Internet dating, My 1001 lovers).

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