Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Poetry - Kisses

Kisses for My Beau


I see right through him,
Although it's slight.
I know of things he has done
Which aren't quite right,
But I understand and still see him
Through bright light
Because I know of the inner conflicts
That he still fights.
I will hold him forever
With all my might.
No matter how far away he is
Or how out of sight.
This intimate moment may not
Last all night.
(He can leave forever as long as I know
He is alright.)
I will blow love kisses to him
And they will take great height
So my best wishes will reach him
And help his dreams take flight.
His potential will soar
In the wind
Like a
With the kisses I sent...
My love for him
Will always
Burn bright.


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