Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why We Read

Why We Read Erotic Romance source

Now that I've gotten your attention with the hot, sexy, half-nekkid bod, tell me what you REALLY like about erotic romance. Although I think most women enjoy a good visual, they prefer the words, imaginings, and emotions beneath the skin. That's why erotic romance is enjoying a huge surge in popularity. Women have discovered their own Playboy magazine, but instead of looking at hot men, we're reading about them. It's not just the hot sex, it's the story, stupid.

I think that's one of the reasons why Deep Throat was such a popular X-rated movie. Although I saw the movie many years ago (on the UCLA campus to be exact), I remember it as having an actual story and lots of humor. Otherwise, I have no interest in watching explicit sex scenes in a film. Ahhh, but give me a sensual read.

The best of erotic romance should be able to stand on its own without the sex. The sex scenes are heightened and hotter when we have insights into the traits, strengths, and insecurities that drive the characters.

What are some of the reasons you read (or write) erotic romance? What needs and desires does it fulfill or exorcise for you?

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