Thursday, January 31, 2008

Women Feel

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New Readings in Female Anatomy included three book works on The Reading Table- two of which were collaboratively authored. The first- HYSTORIES, added to the voices in Hall's first film about hysterectomy, and the second A Female Handbook engaged 36 women Hall invited to complete a sentence for her. During all the exhibitions of NRFA, Hall left blank books on The Writing Table- inviting women to add their knowledge and experience so she could continue to "build a library" of female knowledge.

While contributions to these blank binders were significant, Hall initiated a series of writing workshops with girls and women hoping to "make authors" to contribute to the project. During installations or residencies in Vancouver, Montreal and Providence, RI, Hall worked with almost 200 women who contibuted their writing to the project following the workshops. While she is still transcribing some of this writing, the first suite of ten books on body image, are close to completion. They will be posted here as they are finished, and those in progress can be seen here.

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